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Trial Trendy

Living the Life: Atty. Ken Tiu

ATTY. KENNETH R. TIU is a promising young trial lawyer. At an early stage of his legal career, he has already exhibited a natural skill for litigation. He is currently a Junior Associate in...

The Big Daddy: Atty. Karl Castillo (Part 1)

ATTY. KARL ARIAN A. CASTILLO is one of the most accomplished young lawyers in the in the country today. At age 40, he is one the youngest Partners in one of the country’s leading litigation firms...

Don Carlo Ybanez - Trial Trendy - Cover

What is Trial Trendy?

Lawyers are probably the most stereotyped persons in the entire world. Here in the Philippines, lawyers are always pictured as old, non-smiling, big-bellied individuals wearing crumpled barongs and holding large leather briefcases. Most believe that lawyers...