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R.O.X. Outdoor Festival

Lucille Performs at the R.O.X. Outdoor Festival

On April 18, 2015, Lucille will be performing at the R.O.X. Outdoor Festival at the Bonifacio High Street Central Amphitheater. The band will be representing Hurley. They will be performing a 1-hour set that...

Trial Trendy - Light Blue Suit

My Light Blue Suit

In an earlier article entitled Light Colored Suits in Court?, I had discussed how I loved wearing these kinds of outfits both inside and outside the courtroom. Here, I will be focusing on one...

Don Carlo Ybanez - Trial Trendy - Cover

What is Trial Trendy?

Lawyers are probably the most stereotyped persons in the entire world. Here in the Philippines, lawyers are always pictured as old, non-smiling, big-bellied individuals wearing crumpled barongs and holding large leather briefcases. Most believe that lawyers...